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Guest Blogging: Rules of Engagement

We’re totally stoked that so many of you want to guest blog on Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like. However, due to the already very high level of interest in guest blogging on this site, we do have to outline some parameters. Of course anyone is welcome to submit a guest post, but just so that you know, here are the main rules of engagement:

1) We accept guest posts from actual aid workers only. This is a blog about stuff that expat aid workers like…. So, the base criteria for guest-posting is being an aid worker or at least having been one for several years if you’re back at HQ now…. If you blog/tweet anonymously, we may request confirmation that you are, in fact, an aid worker.

2) Guest posts need to be theme or issues-focused. We do not see posts on this blog as the place for stories  and one-upping. On the other hand we’d love to see your stories (“This one time, on the Jalalabad road…”) and one-upping in the comment threads beneath specific posts, along with links to pics, the post on your blog, etc.

3) Take on the issues, but keep your sense of humor. We’re going for ironic and humorous over bitter.

4) We reserve the right to edit, revise or simply not post at our discretion. We’re not trying to be difficult, but we simply cannot post everything that comes in. Thanks for understanding.

5) Posts can’t have been published/posted elsewhere already.

6) Guest posts become our intellectual property. We will always attribute the source of guest posts with your name and links to your twitter profile, blog, etc. (unless you specifically ask us not to). But just so that you know, if it’s posted on our blog it becomes ours to reproduce elsewhere, with or without attribution.  Our assumption is that by sending us your stuff, you’re cool with this arrangement.

7) How to Submit a Guest Post:

  • Email your guest post to stuffexpataidworkerslike [at] gmail [dot] com. We get a lot of submissions, so you may want to shoot us an email with your idea for a topic before you start writing to be sure that no one is already working on the same one. Please look over what’s already posted and refrain from suggesting something that’s already published….
  • There is no limit on the number of guest posts you can submit, but we will space them out if you submit more than one at at time.
  • Posts can be written as an email or attached as a Word doc or a Google doc.
  • Attach related photos (be sure you have permission to post them) or links to photos that are not copyrighted.
  • Let us know how you’d like to be identified (full name? first name only? middle name? initials? pseudonym?).
  • Let us know if you want us to link to your Twitter handle or blog (if you have either).
  • Be patient. There are a ton of posts in the queue right now.

Contact us at stuffexpataidworkerslike [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any questions….

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