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It started as single post over on Shotgun Shack’s blog (read that post here). Then it was a hash tag that took off in the international aid and development Twitterverse.

Now here it is in all of its stand-alone glory:

Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like is an ongoing series of sometimes satirical, sometimes ironic, usually humorous (but sometimes dead serious), always honest vignettes of the humanitarian aid industry from the inside. Sometimes we want to complain about one of the many ills of the Aid System. Other times we celebrate that same system. Sometimes we expose odd behaviors we recognize in ourselves. Sometimes we call out things we see other Expat Aid Workers doing that we find humorous or offensive. Sometimes we attempt to impress you with our erudition as we explicate the subtle nuances of ethics and morality where cultures and world views collide. Sometimes we will be harsh (it’s a harsh world out there). Sometimes we try to set the record straight. Sometimes all we want is to one-up you with a story of how we’ve suffered in the field.

We are aid workers. We are expats. This is the stuff we like.

The Bloggers

Shotgun Shack. Gringa. Community Development. Latin America. Africa. Blogs anonymously at Shotgun Shack. Read Shotgun Shack’s extended bio here.  Facebook: Shotgun Shack. Twitter: .

J. Nguoi Nuoc Ngoai. Disaster Response. Asia. Middle East. Former Soviet Union. Blogs anonymously at Tales From the Hood. Read J.’s extended bio here. Twitter: .

The Illustrator

Manu. Sénégaulois. Special Task Forces and other High-Level Executive Agency Stuff. Vietnam. Africa. New York. Berkeley. Paris. Perros-Guirec. Cartoons at Manucartoons. Read Manu’s extended bio here. Facebook: Manucartoons.

Guest Bloggers

We regularly accept guest posts. See Guest Blogging: Rules of Engagement if you’d like to submit.

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