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#213 Missionary, Mercenary, Mystic, Misfit

June 3, 2013

Soccer moms have Fifty Shades of Grey. Adolescent girls have the Twilight series. The security manager has more than twenty “Dirk Pitt” books.

But what do Expat Aid Workers have?

Sadly, while most other romanticize-able professions have their own associated literary pop-culture associations, humanitarian fiction remains a literary genre as yet not fully fledged. Beyond a few attempts at novels about aid workers, there is just not much out there specifically for EAWs.

That is until now!

“Missionary, Mercenary, Mystic, Misfit combines the passion and intensity of Jeff Sachs with the wit and charisma of Bill Easterly. I couldn’t put it down.” –Laura Seay, Texas in Africa

It started with Disastrous Passion: A Humanitarian Romance Novel, a Barbancourt-fueled lark that was naturally birthed during the Haiti earthquake response (e-book edition here, print version here) by SEAWL’s very own J. He thought it would just be a one-off, but so many of you loved it, that he decided to write more. And here it is, another humanitarian novel, just for you, Expat Aid Workers:

M4 Version 5

Will the heart-wrenching plight of an endless supply of refugees stretch Mary-Anne to the breaking point? Or will she rise beyond the challenges? And what will become of Jean-Philippe? Will prolonged separation cause their hearts to grow fonder? Or will she find comfort in the arms of the mysterious, brooding Jonathon Langstrom? Will she take a job at HQ? Or will she continue to answer the humanitarian call from a dusty refugee camp on the border of Somalia?

Through it all, just how close will Mary-Anne come to crossing the lines from missionary to mercenary, and from mystic to misfit?

Missionary, Mercenary, Mystic, Misfit is a story about humanitarian aid, written by a real aid worker, using the language of humanitarian aid, addressing issues that aid workers face. This is not some satirical romance novel. Missionary, Mercenary, Mystic, Misfit will make you think. About what you’ve done (if you’re an old hand). Or about what you’re about to do (if you’re just starting out). It’s also available for download as an e-book exclusively from Buy it here. Now.

Then you can spend the summer blogging about it for the folks back home, and updating Facebook with your favorite scenes and quotes. You can get all righteously indignant about it, or discuss its deeper meanings in authoritative tones at the expat bar. Any way you look at it, Missionary, Mercenary, Mystic, Misfit is a total EAW win-win.

“Sandblasts away the illusion that humanitarian aid work is a straightforward and consistent act of selflessness… A grimly realistic portrayal.” – Avril Benoit, Médecins Sans Frontières

There will be a print version available eventually, too. Follow the Missionary, Mercenary, Mystic, Misfit Facebook page for this an other urgent humanitarian fiction updates.

Don’t miss out. Buy Missionary, Mercenary, Mystic, Misfit now. Blog about it. Tweet about it using the #MMMM hashtag. Leave a review on Amazon.

Special Offer: For a limited time, J. will provide a free .PDF version of Missionary, Mercenary, Mystic, Misfit to any blogger who promises to read it and publish a review. Simply send an email, including a link to your blog, to… with “#MMMM” in the message header.

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  1. June 3, 2013 8:13 am

    You forgot “manager”.

  2. Glenn Robinson permalink
    June 3, 2013 10:01 am

    I would like to read this but it’s not available on Too bad.

  3. Juan dela Cruz permalink
    June 4, 2013 5:25 pm

    You got the “shameless advertising” tag right!

  4. October 6, 2013 3:50 pm

    The Fallen by Jack Ziebell isn’t bad (at least in the author’s opinion) – kind of Emergency Sex meets 28 Days Later, if you can imagine that. Not too much sex, lots of emergency. J

  5. Manuel permalink
    January 19, 2014 11:16 pm

    sounds like a good read but unfortunately Amazon says it’s not available in my country (Germany). Can someone help me out and send me a pdf? my email is
    (I would write a review, but I don’t have a blog to post it)


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