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#9 Links Expat Aid Workers Like

April 16, 2012

We’re late with Links this week. Damn day job gets in the way of our real purpose in life sometimes…. but that’s another story.

In links, check out Al Jazeera’s The Stream today (Monday, April 16)) at 15.30 EST for a piece on ‘bad aid’ complete with participant interaction and such. Our insider sources at AJ tell us that the Dignity2012 campaign and @tmsruge will be featured. As our regular readers know, the most edgy EAWs are Al Jazeera fans, so you won’t want to miss it.

In other dignity news, Richard Dowden goes after the BBC for the tired old view of Africa. This time it’s Liberia that gets the treatment.

Fast Company explains why designers should stop feeling sorry for Africa. (HT @kalsoom82)

@skateistan gives us the awesome picture of the week. (“Cuz it doesn’t always just suck here” says @elsnarkistani)

We discover where the Toms Shoes go in Haiti  (HT @aidwatch)

AidSource makes it to the big times….” according to @whydev.

@cynan_sez gives us Shit Happens. Read it and weep, EAWs.

@brettkeller does the nerdiest Hunger Games post ever with full-on statistical analysis of the survival odds.

@viewfromthecave @carol_gallo and @davidweek bring us the Developing Country Double Standard.

And On Motherhood and Sanity gives us 52 Reasons Not to Date an Aid Worker.

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