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#5 Links Expat Aid Workers Like

March 2, 2012

A quick round-up of Links EAWs Like from the past couple of weeks….

Coming up short on jargon for that proposal? Look no further:  Grant Speak. (HT @bonniekoenig)

The Genesis of Aid (A Parody) by our good friend Ben Ramalingam over at @aidontheedge

Great discussion on the future of aid sparked by a post titled “Beyond Aid” over at AidSpeak.

Final vote count in on @viewfromthecave’sAid Bloggers Best Awards (ABBAs)” for 2011.

7 worst international aid ideas on @matadornetwork. (Though we would have liked to have seen some “Heard Throughs” or linkbacks to these and other bloggers and posts which we suspect originated the discussion on these topics…. Isn’t there some etiquette on that?)

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