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#2 Links Expat Aid Workers Like

February 3, 2012

And it’s Friday! Time for Number 2 in our experiment: Links Expat Aid Workers Like (a.k.a. LEAWL)

@bill_easterly and the NYU Crew (with some help from @wrongingrights) host The ‘Exploiting Africa’ Academy Awards. And the winner is….?

And speaking of contests. It’s time to vote in the 2nd annual Aid Bloggers Best Awards (ABBA).

Canoeing the entire Congo river… AND LIVING TO TELL THE TALE “I was alone in the middle of deepest, darkest Congo. Worse still, I was being chased by eight angry tribesmen in two dugout canoes – and they were gaining on me….” Thanks Guardian. We were feeling nostalgic for early-20th-century-style English Explorer stories.

Famed Kabul hangout L’Atmo becomes a French TV series set in 2005. (HT @scott_gilmore)

“Toronto Org Puts Women’s Underpants on Haiti’s Aid Agenda”. Glad the folks in Toronto have shed some light on what Haiti’s aid agenda should be. Some well-deserved comment from @asamburton.

Canadian-Somalian rapper K’naan tells US Republican Candidate “Stop using my song.” (HT @jlundine)

(Does that mean Romney is worse than Coke and FIFA??)

Dave Algoso takes on the Global Journal’s Top 100. And the Global Journal editor shows us how not to respond to criticism. And Dave pretty much wins the war. (BTW: congrats all you readers whose INGOs made the Top 100 list. Your marketing team is probably milking the hell out of it.)

Talesfromthhood gets serious on the new blog AidSpeak, taking us Beyond Aid.

WhyDev offers some advice to development workers re: how to explain to normal people what exactly your job entails.

So you want to go to LSE? (HT @ReesEdward) Pretty depressing.

So let’s end on a high note: Gangster African Wildlife!!!! (HT @texasinafrica)

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  1. February 3, 2012 8:06 pm

    I LOVELOVELOVE the sheldrick elephant orphanage. That place is seriously amazing.

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